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We Are An Ocean of Love – Show Notes

Each of us is truly a water being that forms an Ocean of Love.

We see ourselves in the physical body as a solid form, yet we are primarily liquid in a thin-skinned container on a molecular level.

Our ability to express Love and Compassion creates and directs us to form relationships with all other life forms.

At this point in our evolution, both planetary and physical, we are to clear and clean all that will not be healthy or beneficial to all life forms. Many think they can create a new world through their growing awareness of genetic sequencing.

My question is, what happens to Love and Compassion if we redesign the Hu-man.

Will Peace, Light, and Love be included in that reprogramming?

Let us co-create a New Ocean of Love that rises and brings forth the Light of the Stars.

One that releases our ancestors and calls forth our Future Self to realign all that is no longer in balance and harmony.

Let us remember to Love the Water within us as well as around us.

For without Water, human life cannot survive anywhere.

Let us look upon all Water as a source of Liquid Light constantly recharging with Wisdom, Truth, and Love.

Let us Honor this Light within us by sharing it as a precious gift to others as we gather and rise out of the darkness.

We Are The Ocean of Love, and may we be the next flood that changes the world we live in and on.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.5.22