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Soothing Our Personal Heart

Our Heart is the center of beingness
which gives and receives life to our body

It is deeply affected by the world around us
as well as the energy we do not see within us

When our Heart is weakened by daily distortion
we are slowly diminished and become condensed

It is in this moment of awareness that our Heart speaks
throughout our physical body with a warning of danger

We may call it fear, yet it is only an alarm system
to awaken us before we become deeply damaged

Soothing is the result of calming, relaxing, quieting
with an intention to remove all disturbances

It is the rhythm within us that is out of order
and can be re-harmonized, but external sound frequencies

Like the music, we hear with our ears
the drum beat of our Heart must be in tune

Find the sounds or vibrations around you
that bring back harmony and balance

Or the unbearable distortion will never
release the unbearable distortion within

Charlie Riverman Bergeron
Written for the Global Heart Team 7.28.22