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Balancing the old and new requires an observation of both. ~ Riverman

This morning I woke up to a beautiful hawk sitting above the bird feeders in a young oak tree. The hawk is a bird that is very observant of details, whether large or small. It is the watchful all-seeing messenger of divinity, according to the animal spirit guidebook by Kim Krans.

It sat Very calmly with the Blue Jays, and smaller birds would try to get his attention so he would leave the feeders, yet he sat there as if it was me; he was waiting to see.

Hawks are messengers from divinity, and we must listen Quietly and carefully to our inner guidance.

Listening is about where we stand in this moment and looking forward to the future. Being asked to come to a place of stillness in observing everything moving around us without fear and aggravation.

Can we remain as still as the hawk in the middle of everything around us, trying to move Us from a place of peaceful observation to and moment of attack?

Right now, in the world, most humans are questioning everything that is happening around them and directly to them. But unfortunately, there is not a nation in this world that is not transitioning from old paradigms to a new and possibly overbearing authority.

All living beings are about to be forced in many ways to balance between the old and the new.

We can see the newness from a place of balance and clarity, or we can be highly suspicious of everything that reflects a change in what we are accustomed to.

It is a transition to a new perspective wherein entrusting others to lead us will not be brought into the future as it is now. Instead, it will sustain itself as we seek more peaceful coexistence with mother earth.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.02.22