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Relax And Release

I was contemplating the word Freedom this morning and realized that our present state of collective awareness is operating at a very high rate of fluctuation.

We no longer live in a world where fear as an energy force is not a weapon; instead, it is used to motivate us.

Now appearing in many new ways, feeling tense and changing focus or not being able to focus is a common malady.

The word malady comes from the 13th century, meaning disorder.

What are we doing to each other and ourselves today in 2023?

The disorder is everywhere and comes in more ways than ever before. We are all being made victims, and the words releasing and relaxing appeared as a remedy.

The leaders of the world and the media we have supported are no longer credible, and we are now being intentionally confused and fed “street cred”.

The only way through it all is to honor yourself and find new ways to diminish your understanding of how fear is the weapon of choice of all who wish to control you.

Notice what does not support your peace and friendliness.

Treat it with Love and Kindness, not drugs or anger.

Find ways that help you shift your conscious awareness to something that brings you, Inner Joy.

The ultimate goal is to relax and release all that you know does not align with your True Self in a way that creates a better understanding of who you are rather than who someone else wants you to be.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2/10/23