Manifest And Magnify – Show Notes

This morning, the words manifestation and magnification caught my attention.

Those words made me think about my Soul Mission as we rapidly shift into a new paradigm. This has brought us to this point in our evolution which is now being altered in many ways.

The confusion for all of us is created by how rapidly our energies are propelled into future visions.

As a result, our stability is not only threatened but also attacked at many levels, similar to the destruction that happens with an earthquake.

This message clearly defines how related we are to mother earth and Her evolving process.

Mother Earth is a living example of what we are experiencing within our physical bodies. Her response is to manifest and magnify everything needed to move through this energy shifting.

Each of us is also capable of manifesting and magnifying everything within our own emotional and physical vehicle we call our human body.

Our ancestors had to do this many times before we developed into the beings we are now. They are also guided internally from a higher level of what we might call spiritual power, or we might think of it as their sole mission.

So as we sit and not only watch but feel this shifting of mother earth synergy, we too have to adapt our energy to be in synchronicity with hers and to know that it is part of our mission to assist all life on planet earth to adjust or leave with ease and grace.

Ease and grace become the energy format by which we unite from our separation into a unified world.

So with the word unity, I am having you not think about giving up your individuality but take that inner self that sees through and beyond what is happening around you and share it with others, not to frighten or overload them but to confirm in them that they are not alone in their processing of this evolutionary shift.

So, we all realize that we are far more advanced as universal beings than we have been allowed to believe and trust. We are now much like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon and adapting to something different from what we had previously experienced.

Those who have become the commanders of civilization are being threatened, and their fear is projected into the fields of humanity to have them believe that they are the saving grace of society. Yet, their only tool has been one of destruction, and we can no longer support destruction at a greater level than we are now.

It becomes our responsibility now to manifest what is positive and nurturing and magnify it in ways that everybody is a part of it equally and knowingly.

There is no way around all of this. So we have to move through it, and we can do this by coming back into our hearts and trusting that a higher self dwelling in our hearts has the power to rule and fuel our physical body and also the power to lead and fuel all existence.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.17.23