Brigit’s Mantle (Irish Creation Myth), 18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas by Bernadette Wulf
WulfWorks© Copyright 2002
In youth
our seeking
doth find her
and charmed
for life we become
Our passions
to ebb and flow
over time
in the dance
of our love-making
To be seduced
once more
in our final hours
and swallowed whole
in divine ecstasy.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1/23/11

This poem is a response inspired by a photogragh by Peter Shefler and a poem of by Robert Graves honoring The White Goddess. As the poets of the ages have been enamored by Goddesses and Muses, I too am of this same penchant.
Most of my writings are of this nature, they are the result of an outside stimulus that connects the mind to the soul instantly and the thought/words appear as a natural effect. 
Since I have no real formal education past the 9th grade as to Grammar or English composition, let it be said that what appears on pages by my hands never ceases to to amaze me. 
I started writing as a lonely and troubled teen perhaps as a means of releasing pain and anguish. As I read some of those writings today it is still a challenge accept some of them.
However, it was then that I met my Muse and we have journeyed through every adventure together, both good and bad.
So this is in honor of her who has given me life, has loved me when no one else could, and will devour me when this turn of the wheel  has ended.