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Momentary Patterns Realigning

The energies of our entire planetary experience are rapidly moving into new forms.

Sometimes at a rate that cannot be fully understood or described, which leaves us in extreme emotional states.

I find the word radiance appropriate as morning sunlight pours into me from an easterly facing window.

How joyous we become when a sunny day appears in a long series of cloudy ones.

It realigns our energy and feeds us with the Light Energy we need in order to function in better emotional balance.

Our bodies are always in the process of recalibration, and our minds are always recalibrating how they will adapt without over-reacting to the external electromagnetic influx.

What invariably happens to us is we become periodically overwhelmed and need to spend more time in nature or a creative project where our minds are shifted into a higher vibrational frequency of creative flow.

Everything is further enhanced during the Full Moon, and the Water within us is brought into alignment with the Light to strengthen our energetic experience more deeply.

Add to that the many planetary and star alignments whose cycles create patterns which are another source of energetic patterning and we whose processes are independent of human logic or control. Here we are in this mixing bowl of experience.

So in case, you may feel a bit confused right now, today’s message is to remain as calm as you possibly can while it all realigns our sub-atomic particles and photonic crystal light.

Let us honor that we are far more than human bodies made of flesh and bone and remember that technology continues to play in our energy fields.

Our bodies do not fully understand the many uncomfortable distortions that will occur, and we will adapt to them.

We are far more flexible and resilient to these shifts and changes than we have been allowed to understand.

Our ancient ancestors understood it quite well and utilized it to co-create great civilizations, which are now becoming revealed in tiny trickles to create more chaos than we are already experiencing.

The key to all of this Pattern Realignment is to dive deeper into your inner waters and trust that what we become aware of is not here to destroy us but strengthen our immunity to future collective reconstruction.

Let us all find ways to reinforce what we might call the energetic frequency of Love.

“When we live in the love vibration, our energy resonates at a high frequency, and we express the God-qualities of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, respect, generosity, joy, peace—all that inspires, empowers, and enhances life. The love vibration lifts us to a higher state of consciousness and frees us of the thoughts, feelings, and actions that minimize and victimize us.” Shirley Marshall, Ph.D.

So I ask us all to stop the fear and focusing on lack and become brilliant vortices of Love and Light during these very challenging moments of our Greater Evolutionary Procession and Momentary Patterns Realigning.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.26.21

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