Artwork – Fear of Falling by Jaimie Cahlil
Fear of Falling / Coming Together
Living is that far away mountain
that we are forever in fear of climbing
It is the fear of falling that keeps us from trying
To succeed we must continue to look up
In childhood we play in the valleys
safe from the high winds
and the storms on the summit
Protected from the reality
that someday we must pick up
and go to that mountain
and start the climb up
Many of us never make that climb
Some – climb more than one
Yet there is always that far away mountain
and always that fear of falling
Before we were borne into this life
we were safely entombed,
sustained in a sea of life
in our Mother’s womb
Protected, provided for,
never alone,
we were One with her
When we were born – we fell
fell from our sanctuary of life
fell into this vast cold world
We were born with the fear of falling
and separation and aloneness
Fear of falling – fear of changes
Are these not the causes
for our lack of living
We need to re-entomb ourselves
in a sanctuary, Alone
where we can look at the mountain
and not fear the unknown
Success at living
is not measured by what we have
or what we’ve done
It is measured
by how we’ve overcome
our fear of falling
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1992-1995