As a Reiki Master I am very familiar with the daily meditation on the Reiki Principles and the importance of establishing ground rules for daily practice by our intentions. 

Reiki Principles
Just for Today, Let Go of Anger.
Just for Today, Let Go of Worry
Just for Today, Do your work honestly.
Just for Today, Be Kind to all Living things.

While sharing on a facebook group I belong to, SHINING AND INFUSING OUR LIGHT AND LOVE, there was a posting which read as follows:

“You can’t control everything and have a smooth life. You can control some things, so what can you let go of to let life flow TO YOU? How can you surrender? When will you give-up on chasing the things you want in your life? Are you willing to stop chasing them away? What can you do to get yourself ready to let it start coming TO YOU?” ~ KC

As it caught my attention and I began reading the loving responses, I was compelled to add my own to the growing list. The responses continued and I could see how the power of the words we were using called me to extract them from the sentences and showcase them in their full glory.

I was reminded of the power of affirmation and the message of Just for Today,  and so I began to write.

Just for Today
I will be more flowing,
I will surrender,
I will practice unconditional giving,
I will unattach from my shoulds and what ifs,
I will focus on allowance,
I will open my Heart,
I will practice letting go,
I will embrace freedom, harmony, love, and light,
with full acceptance and gratitude.

© Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4/20/11

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love to each of you,
May the flowing always be gentle,
May we always be grateful.