There on the blank page
facing me with pen in hand
I paused a moment
and the felt
the presence of all there is…
not knowing and in silence
I took a deep breath
and whispered thank you
cRb 8.3.12


Far beyond what we can see
there exists a part of you and me
always changing, never the same
just laughing and loving this eternal game
cRb 8.5.12
Just before the storm
there is a Light
which reminds us
that this too will pass
cRb 8.5.12


Grains of sand
blowing in the wind
where nothing has ever been before
there in the space that does not exist
we cannot be any less than we are …
cRb 8.7.12

In waking up we attune to the Light within ourselves and expand it outwards in a harmonic vibration empowering the Unity Consciousness to flow in us all.
cRb 8.8.12

Walking towards
the end of day
calm and peaceful
whispered breezes
gently cooling
at our back
the sky lights up
in full array
cRb 8.12.12

Entering now into thy triple beauty
we can seek our true purpose,
with your roots planted in darkness
that firmly feed us with fiery energy
to transform all fearful living
and return us from forgetfulness.
Oh Kali we are but lost infants
waiting to be lifted once more
into the Love which empowers
the changing of illusion into truth.
cRb 8.13.12


Each morning
is an open portal
with an invitation to explore.
If you can open your eyes
then you must
open your hearts
for to only see
the opportunity to transform
is just an invitation.
One must enter the newness
heart first.
cRb 8.14.12

As the rain softly rinses
both the surfaces of our beingness
and the caverns of our hearts
everything is changed
cRb 8.23.12

We all are focusing on raising the vibration of the living but cannot forget that which has been trapped in the density.

There are many ancient events both natural and man-made that need to have a collective group of us to assist in the releasing of energies. I am being told that some of us having been here before created or have been partially left behind in these time events and the difficulties we are experiencing in our transitions is locked together with them.

There are also many who as they remind me now are trapped there and have not been able to return. So please as they call to us both individually and collectively let us send them Peace, Light and Love that we may all be together again.
cRb 8.25.12

Soft haze surrounding
reflections in the night sky
Isis sends us Love
cRb 8.25.12

Become as little children then and we will once again laugh and sing as we did so many years ago… Emil my guardian angel. 8.27.12

The stirring of the pot releases flavors which need to be tasted to remind us that we are human.
cRb 8.27.12

So what is fear but an energetic reaction which through fear conditioning has been used to control humanity. Skulls have been a symbol of death, evil, poison and many perceived negative human interactions for a reason.. to keep us from remembering that in our immortality we cannot be manipulated. So teach people to stand in their power; the truth of what they are, that there is no death and we truly exist in unity in multiple dimensions. Is this not what the crystal skulls are triggering us to remember. What greater fear do we have than that of the Truth which others want us to be denied of for the continuation of our domination?
cRb 8.28.12

Blue Moon Rising
Morning Glory Climbing

Neither did I plant
nor cause to rise

Yet here they are
by Grace and Glory

Both blossoming as if
in synchronous communication

Sacred Harmony
          before our eyes
cRb 8.31.12