Phot0 by Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.6.12

There is only the fragrance
a slight hint of beyond
where all senses react
to discover the source

each with its adeptness
captures bits and pieces
and subjects them
to rigorous trials

only when acting together
in harmony and peace
are they poised to
reveal glimpses of the whole

Yet one always claims
it has the answer
which it cannot speak
and the flavor is lost

Again and again they arise
and then quietly subside
these waves of passionate query
which never cease
keeping us wet with wonder
as we silently breath
cRb 7.6.12

As if from afar
the traveler beholds
at first
a glimpse of creation
gently exploding
and waits
for expansion
feeling only
his breath
in silent wonder
cRb 7.8.12

There are no real misunderstandings, only moments of our own cloudiness hiding reality from view. 

cRb 7.12.12

Stirred with passion may the breeze softly caress you with the warmth and tenderness that can only come from a Goddess. Filling you with her excitement of life, enriching you with a sweetness beyond which there is no other desire.
cRb 7.15.12

Slight breeze whispering Summer
Green leaves of the mighty Oak
And the almost ancient Apple
Contrasting against the pale blue sky
Filled with vaporous whisps of lovingkindess
Such is my morning view…
cRb 7.15.12
P racticing
E ternal
A cceptance
C onsciously
E volving
cRb 7.17.12
from whence we came
in Light and Love
birthing  beings from above
cRb 7.12
To all who now witness the heart wrenching events around the world this week…

It is always a sad day
when humanity chooses
its lack of respect for life
and creates stories
to continue its self destruction.

May we join at the heart
with those who are suffering
in the front lines and
let the deaths remind us
we are in this together
cRb 7.21.12

solid tendrils dipping…
Oh how firm we are upheld
in our quest to reach the Sun
surging daily in our growth
gently dancing in the
peaceful breathings of the wind
cRb 7.12

With each breath we become
rainbow colored waves of the universe
cRb 7.12