I too was homeless and know that in those days when the world was not a friendly environment, there were moments of Light in which I was raised by kindness and compassion out of hopelessness.
For a moment, I knew I belonged to a far greatertribe than humanity could ever put into words.
Now when I return those kindnesses to others, we join at the heart and become each other and for a moment, the illusion of separation disappears changing us both forever.
cRb 9.6.12
It is in the moments of our expansion when we feel the most vulnerable. Only then do we realize that our boundaries have changed.
When we settle for less than what we truly are we remain the same as we were.
cRb 9.6.12
In S A N E… In Sacredly Attuned Non Ego!
cRb 9.6.12
Where but in the midst of turmoil do we find a silent conversation within ourselves that defies logic.
cRb 9.7.12
Yes, We are the Ocean of I AM, with our heartbeats synchronized in the breath of each other; Receiving, Loving and Blessing… Waves of Infinite Peace to you all.
cRb 9.9.12
Rowans and Cairns indeed doth speak
Of Goddess Brigid and her keep
Still not disturbed by those profane
Yet reached within with words of heart
Which claimed us at the very start
Alba from whence ancestors hail
Return we will when time doth claim
In the seeds to plant, which will remain
A memory for some in time to come
Forge us all now in fiery remembrance
cRb 9.16.12

 Autumnal Equinox
The table setting now is done
awaiting our guests
throughout the night
to share our precious living light
a song of balance and of love
thankfulness below and above
join us now and go within
remembering our kith and kin…

cRb 9.22.12
Sitting in your world
as I look out
in a state of half dreaming

Will I ever know
freedom from fear

How will my innocence

be destroyed

Or will I be loved
and share love
Sparking a revolution
of harmony and peace
That will last as long
as my breath
Forgiving you all
for your greed and anger.
cRb 9.23.12

 So today we begin
a new adventure
one in which
we must be present

Each moment cascading
into our hearts and minds
bringing us much needed
love and harmony
Nothing we have
can prepare us
aside from our willingness
to let go of the past.
cRb 9.25.12

Within each petal
divine essence flows
radiant beauty
our true nature
cRb 9.26.12

For a moment let us walk through the wickedness of the world unabashedly.
Perhaps, then we could justify our hidden agendas as mere human folly.
In that unfiltered naked light, the darkness which we so abhor in our countenance, could be brought out and placed on the mantle of our spirit fires for all to see.
Dirty secrets lay strewn on the cavernous floors of our existence each with its volumes of dialogue that keep us from being fully present.
Nay, we are not guilty nor guiltless, but trapped within a world of our own making. However, we are the ones who can choose long suffering or change in an instant.
All our deceit revealed and no worse than those we condemned for showing us, the ability to move into freedom will catch us and jettison all that is not pure, then we move into the dimensions of selfhood that are unencumbered by fear, which binds all of humanity in a gristmill which never ceases to render us powerless.

cRb 9.29.12

All photos and writings in this post are (of or by) Charlie Riverman Bergeron