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Forgiveness is For Giving-ness

I put this up today on my blog while we, here in th US, celebrate the day we honor as Thanksgiving Day.

We can all find something to be grateful for on this day, yet can we be for-giving.

Interesting that we can focus on days of celebration and find that in their history there is a lot of pain and suffering that has occurred and we are celebrating our survival rather than those who did not survive.
So I think we need to move deeper into what we call Holidays and respect them in a more Holy way.

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Please Celebrate ThanksGiving everyday by being ForGiving and know that we are all beautiful beings living together on an amazing planet.


Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

I am an energetic worker and I am willing to serve.
As I serve others I serve my higher power.

As I journey through each day with joyous intentions, I bring assistance and pleasure to others.
I look for opportunities to serve, even if it is just a smile and a friendly gesture.
I know that as I serve others, I serve my Creator.


We want to forgive,
we talk about it,
we read about it,
we give each other advice on it;
We make it very difficult.

Forgiveness is the way of the heart not the mind.

It occurs quietly when we surrender to our hearts
and quiet our minds.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Sweet Forgiveness is the only way to get ourselves out of our heads and into Our Hearts. – Riverman

Love Yourself

I would like to talk about forgiveness not that it’s something I haven’t spoken about before or anything that any of us have not discussed before but I want to break down the word to the core message – Giving.

Each of us need to begin to think of the word Giving as the center point of our Service. What does that mean?

All of us as we walk in this world as humanity are suffering on some level of our physical or emotional presence.
It is our underlying suffering which creates more pain and suffering and keeps the cycle in perpetual motion.

The question is how do we rise above it and become able to look at it without such deep emotional chaos.

Personally, I don’t have the answer.
However, I find myself more willing every day to find a way to be giving. Which means that I am in favor of giving.

What I’ve been learning over the past year and much longer, but with more intensity over the past year is that everything I give to others is really a gift to myself.

The reason for that is simple… we cannot be separate from each other no matter how hard we try to.
“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”
Is really the ancient message of the Golden Rule which we long ago buried underneath our seeking and greediness to be seen and heard above everyone else.

The message is truly what every human on the face of this planet is seeking…
especially when they cut away all of the ways they are imposing roadblocks to their success of having peace within themselves.

So what I’m talking about is that when we seek forgiveness, we are really asking for our own forgiveness.
To forgive ourselves of all our erratic behaviors and attachments to negative thoughts and actions and become more aligned with the light and love that we truly are.
 Light of New Dawn

So my dear human family it is time to forgive ourselves and we do that by giving ourselves in service to each other. Knowing that whatever we confront in each other will be the mirror in which to see our own personal issues.

Instead of attacking the other person or persons who are the mirror, let us begin to adopt a new thinking pattern which allows us to see feel and hear what is being said.

Let’s look at each others pain and suffering when being expressed and remember we are just the object at which it’s being directed. Many times it may not have anything to do with us personally except to remind us of how we to carry as much pain and suffering as they do and we all need to leave it behind.

Peace, Light and Love