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Freedom and Goodness

Freedom and Goodness

Let us all take a moment to gather into a harmonic resonance as we play with the words Freedom and Goodness.

Let us just take a deep breath and release all of what the world has put into our minds and upon our shoulders.

Picture the six-pointed Star”

from the Be Calm, Be Steadfast Still Voice

Let us begin with with the word Freedom…”the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved”

As I think of this I remember Janis Joplin singing “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” and it reminds me of when I had just come back from my death.

What else could happen to me… my greatest fear was gone!

Prior to my death I had lost my job, then my family through divorce then all that I had in material wealth through bankruptcy.

And then to top it off I became an alcoholic who died in a motorcycle crash.

Where do you go from that point ???

Well Here I AM

Talking today about Freedom and Goodness

The Card Freedom from Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney was the card I pulled this morning which hit home the most.

The angel for this card is Nisroc aka “the great eagle” whose flight to Heaven is the symbol of Freedom.

Freedom becoming a deep awareness of Goodness…

The Goodness of the Unconditional Love of the Eternal.

The other card I pulled was from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards was of course Goodness which reads “I know I am guided by a higher power, and the voice of truth guides me to all that is good.”

So here we are looking at the world around us with ever increasing levels of distrust and fear… not only of what we see but by what we are feeling as a result of that.

Questioning our abilities to choose the right path to follow or who to listen to.

Am I on the right path”

What should I be doing”

Who can I trust”

The answers to all of those questions and the many others that arise are all deep within you.

Your Eternal Self has all the keys to those answers which you have locked up behind doors of guilt or shame, fear or unworthiness and anger and envy.

Right now We are being given an opportunity to move into Freedom and Goodness beyond our imagining.

I want each of you to think what that might mean for you and know that it is not a fantasy.

That there is no separation between freedom and goodness…

That they part of your completeness in the eyes and mind of Creation

Leaving either one of those aspects out of your everyday life is what I call a form of self-abuse. It is giving your power away to illusions.

Deep within each of your Hearts you are now ready to accept this and yet are fearful as to what will others think or how will others perceive me.

The point of today’s talk is to encourage you to finally be seen and heard as the True Self You Are.

The Universe supports this, Our beliefs in a Creator Being support this and within our cellular beings We support this.

Each of you are Miracle Workers and Magi… Blessed Beings of amazing powers that have been dormant for far too long.

Everyday Is An Adventure

It Can Be Your Wildest Fantasy

Or Your Worst Nightmare

You” Choose

Your Wildest Fantasy

Is A Limited Thought

And Your Worst Nightmare

Is Just An Illusion

~ Riverman
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