Echinacea Altar

Today I was called by the beautiful Echinacea flowers that caught my attention upon entering my massage therapist’s home. As usual I channel while she works at releasing all my blockages, both physical and otherwise. Yet today seemed a bit different and I never stopped. The main topic seemed to revolve around our transitioning into creating new life paths and surrendering our vulnerability. So for those of you who can resonate with those topics I implore you to continue to undo and let go of all that does not resonate with your higher perception of yourself.

Nearing the end of of session the Goddess Ceridwen appeared to me and blessed me with her presence. The amazing poetic Goddess whom I adore is an amazing gift of confirmation. Then, at the end of our session as I was leaving, my therapist asked if I would like one of her Echinacea flowers.

This heart gift of both our planetary Mother and our Divine Mother I have placed now on what I call my Altar of the Divine Goddess Energy.

May the energies of both the Echinacea and Ceridwen find root in your hearts…

Echinacea ~ Gift deeper cleaning, gift of understanding of those things that you block.

Ceridwen ~ a goddess of change and rebirth and transformation, and her cauldron symbolizes knowledge and inspiration.

Just say YES and know your prayers are answered.