Mind Release Day 5

Day 5 and one more to go to reach our pinnacle point of 11:11. So, what better way to prepare ourselves, than by freeing our minds from the day to day calculating and information crunching.

We need to come to a place of simply enjoying all the beauty around us and let it resonate with the beauty that is also within us. A unified field of radiant brilliance that continually moves through all that we can perceive with our sensory faculties.

It is our busy mind that creates our separation from this awareness. In its blindness, creating thought forms, comparing them to others’ thought forms and generating energetic algorithms which induce fearfulness and addiction. Releasing all this is Freedom.

Freedom to become what we have always been and aspire to be… a glorious celebration of the power of creation.
Take some time today to just allow everything to fade away and in the brief moments of your own Presence come to know the Being that you truly are. Even if just for a few fleeting moments.