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Healing Surrender and Peace

Healing can happen anytime
LOVE is always the medicine
Surrendering to Love is the Key

As part of our survival tool kit…

We are constantly analyzing everything that we are engaged in…
both consciously and sub-consciously.

As we do this we flip a switch in our consciousness which is a pass or fail.

The more we choose fail the weaker we become and system failures begin to appear at all levels of our existence.

At this point our physical vehicle begins to enter the survival mode of flight or fight which feeds energies to protect us at a cost of eroding our healthy presence.

The Universal Law of Attraction begins and we have now become an attractor field for what is in alignment with what is less than optimum for our health and well-being.

We now are choosing between Success or Failure

We have now forgotten that we are Souls
…Sources Of Unconditional Love…
that have access to powers beyond our ability to comprehend as humans… Divine in Nature

The Soul only knows truth, honesty, and integrity not success or failure.
Healing can happen anytime
LOVE is always the medicine
Surrendering to Love is the Key

Surrender is letting go of outcome
PEACE is always available
healing is the result

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BW Lily


Healing, Surrender and Peace
from another source you might enjoy… 

It may be hard to see when the times are tough, when you feel trapped in circumstances that appear to be beyond your control, when you are in any kind of pain, when there is abuse on any level. But if you can step into much higher levels from there, you can recognize that every place that you are is perfect for you in your journey, and that every being with whom you are encountering time and space is perfect for accomplishing the lesson at hand.

For many people, healing, or “going through their stuff”, is what they do with their therapist. That may be one very important aspect of going through your stuff. But moving through your stuff happens in every activity in every minute of every day.

Healing, like Love, demands surrender. Healing means coming back to Love — surrendering to Love flowing through your entire being. Healing means uncovering your truth and living it. Every moment is healing. You just may not be aware of the healing. But as you become aware of every situation as a gift for healing, as a gift for the journey, as a gift for moving through your stuff, then you facilitate the healing process, the pain dissipates, and the circumstances begin to change.

You are healing in every moment of your life. Don’t worry so much about how to heal. Rather, open your awareness to the fact that it is already happening, and see where that leads you.

[Section above from a Stephen Levine lecture,
Omega Institute conference, Spring 1994]