Perhaps it is the first New Moon of 2015 which has caught me in this reflective mood as I chose to stay in bed longer than normal. Arising in a strange energetic dissonance and slow recommittal to being present in this form of a human.

A cup of coffee, read my email, sign on to social networks and after a few articles which catch my immediate attention it begins to write itself…

I see the visionary in the Artists, who can draw from their own internal energetic patterns and gather us to see differently.

I see our living planet Earth being tortured, raped and poisoned without any conscionable regard. It’s inhabitants all victims of some highly visible yet somehow seemingly untreatable psychopathic entity.

I see Leadership coming from within the hearts of those who are inspired by the Artists, who are so willing to bare their visions for a more enriched world view; along with the caretakers of the Earth, the sustainable farmers, the conservationists, the ecologists, who will along with each of us who are now experiencing this drought of leadership, begin to gather together and rally for the greatest creative project humanity has ever faced.

The return from the edge of extinction!