Black Moon

There are times like this when a New Moon is in process that we sit quietly and reflect on where we are headed. Much like a road trip where we sit in the rest area and gather ourselves for the next leg of the journey.
I consider this my sacred time, the time frame wherein I can look in all directions and observe the course of my previous choices and choose again. This is a very important opportunity to not waste.

Our freedom to choose has been coming up for me lately and there are many choices being made as a result of several collective timeline occurrences. Aging physically in this dimension is perhaps the one which precedes all others. We are existing in a dimensional time line and although there is a shifting of energies we will remain physically in tandem with it. Note I did not say in harmony with it and there is a difference.

We are physically connected to all that our 5 human senses perceive and is impermanent yet at the same time we are able to discern a self that is eternal and has physically manifested in many dimensional timelines. This is where our freedom to choose is most important.

We have chosen to be here in this timeline from a very different point of existence which continues alongside this incarnate one and which becomes more accessible during this New Moon cycle. Let us all just take a few moments to access that part of ourselves and ask for input into our decision making.

Our multidimensional alignments are not to be ignored much like in our physical body. Choosing to overreach or ignore are able to create as much discord and unhealthy outcomes in all expressions of our Selves.

Many Blessings to each of you as we join at the Heart and rise in Love

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.18.15