Morning 1st Glance – 3.30.15

And when your dreams are too big to hold
Let them flow over the rim of your cup
splashing on to others
whose empty cup needs filling
letting them know that wishes come true
from the Love we share without fear…

How joyous a thought to write as the first words of the day!

Having awakened earlier and then returned to the dreamtime, I kept wondering about the new adventures I would have as I join the ranks of retiree at large.

My thoughts were about all the projects that have been pushed aside due to lack of time or convenience. My dreams and fantasies of creative works and being of service in assisting others achieve alignment with their Highest Self.

Oh so many dreams to fulfill and accomplish, where do I begin… then a Meme appeared on my fb page which instantly inspired me to respond.

My morning and my future is complete!