Morning 1st Glance – 3.31.15

It took me until 3.31 pm to really understand my 1st impressions of the day. I started writing responses seemingly as if there wasn’t a common thread, at least on the surface.
The first words I wrote were in response to this picture by APOD (Astronomy Photo Of The Day)

Breathing in the Cosmic Mist
spreading vaporous Light Waves
through every molecule of our Density

Iroquois Creation

Next I found myself posting and responding through an article, Women are Sacred.
There I commented, “The lack of respect for women is now a disease among women themselves… May we all remove this curse of our minds and return to our hearts where our sacred honor resides.”

My response later on became one of self-reflection when a commenter used the words… Inner tyrant…

“I like that expression! Which for me has nothing to do with masculine or feminine but the concept of being in control of energies which cannot be subjected to control from a human egoic dimension. Allowing myself to explore and release all the fears and programming surrounding the concepts of male/female or masculine/feminine and knowing I can experience both without conflict is for me the process which has brought my inner tyrant face to face with itself. Allowing for true integration of aspects that I never knew before as in the sacredness of each and their availability without restriction.”

Leading me to thinking that as we balance ourselves and move beyond the ecliptic. We let go of the Creation Beliefs, which are stories that we have told ourselves and each other… Beliefs that are limited and hold us captive in our minds, continually separating us. Beliefs which must go before true integration can occur.

Then we will be embracing balance and harmony in the Waves of Conscious Evolution we call Living.


Which then led me to my next observation of how…
The channels are long and narrow at points, which compress us in ways we never before experienced. The hourglass effect turned on its side, with the exception of traveling in one direction and of not being turned in reverse again ∞∞∞ constantly flowing and linked in strand formation, as sine waves of energy that we create anew at every juncture.