Oh Boy, it looks as if my life is upside down. 1st glance is at 1:22 AM and I’m looking out of my bedroom window wide awake.

I mentioned that we would feel upside down the other night at a Healing/Meditation Group as I visioned this Alan Parsons album cover of Try Anything Once. How appropriate for what we are transitioning through. (A great album with some very interesting lyrics.)

We had gathered for the purpose of releasing energies not needed after the Lunar Eclipse. Old stuff that was holding us tethered to the old paradigm of our lives.
Well my sleep cycle has certainly become upside down and it only took a week of retirement and 1 ½ days after the Eclipse. So it is time to let it loose with all the rest.

Perhaps we are all free falling through time and space now that Spirit is in the driver seat and we are in the cockpit of our hearts cutting the cords that tether us to Time.

Fractal knot

“Cords are threads of energy connection between two energy bubbles. Ideally, nothing should be connected to the energy bubble. But cords do happen, it is not uncommon. They should release after an engagement, and in a perfect world, cords would not connect even during engagements.” ~ Teri ?

Ok, so here we are cutting cords and regaining our Energetic Integrity. A challenging endeavor but this is what we came here for…To assist in the evolution of the 3rd dimension and all that it contains.

Can we really change anything from the outside… No!

Each of us are going to cut and tear down all that no longer resonates with our sense of Higher Self, however we discern it. So whether it is sleep patterns, lifestyles or attachments to each other it does not really matter. What matters is that we realign and recall our energy in order to create anew.

It is Time…
T ransitioning
I n
M etatronic
E volution


Peace, Light and Love