Northern Lights, Rye NH

Northern Lights, Rye NH

A friend whom I have met fairly recently has had a dream come true. She is an amazing photographer who will stop at nothing to find that perfect moment. The other night she accomplished one of her dreams.

When I saw her picture and felt her adrenalin rush at posting it for the world to see, I was in awe.

As an amateur photographer I sometimes get lucky and get a great shot without spending a lot of time and effort. Oh how happy it makes me to see someone who dedicates their life to being the best they can be at their craft, get those moments of ecstasy in which every held breath becomes worth it.

Oh joyous moment
a lifetime awaited
dancing in the night sky
in the viewfinder of your camera

Captured forever in my heart
as well as for others
to breathe in your beauty
and magical presence

You can find more of her wonderful photography at


Thank you Stacey