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Darkness and Light

We are all being asked to see the darkness
in order that we may redefine our perception of Light.
It is not a battle nor a test of wills
but a transition which takes place
within our own minds.

Our hearts break and tears and anger rise
within us as the triggers are pulled
for we are living as humans.

Yet the deeper levels are untouchable
by all that we are surrounded by.

This is where the darkness is rising from
that disturbs us the most.

Our Light is shining through it all…
the outer, the inner, the above and below.

We have asked for and are receiving energies
to stop the desecration of all life on this planet.
It will be challenging and
We are more than ready for the task.

LOVE is not only flowing
it is re-creating and forcing the evolution.
Keep your hearts sacred by continual purging
of all that does not feel balanced
or having harmony within you.

Stand in the Circle of Hearts
that is now beaming it’s Light of Peace
upon all that is distressing.

Those of us who have returned to form this Circle
know exactly what to do…
Stand In Your Power.

cRb 8.1.15