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Good Morning Dear Hearts…
Life sometimes takes us places that are unfamiliar and can seem a bit strange, so we can all feel a bit estranged or alienated at times.
So this perhaps is a reminder for us all…

The distance between
Light and Dark
is but an instant
Fear is only a reaction
For LOVE is what YOU ARE

8.13.15 cRb

The original poem that triggered this thought today…


Sitting on the edge of darkness
the light seems very dim,
my heart is just a memory;
a faint aroma on a night of wind

Fear not I say, for this will pass;
the ancient cry of loneliness
is all that will beckon us,
when time has come at last

Weak and low I know not fear
for Love has kept me here;
sweetly, kindly, gently,
lifting me ever higher now,
brighter I become.

1.15.11 cRb