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Each of us experience those times when the words become sparse but deep, the photographs don’t get taken and we are what I call flatlined. Our creative expression appears to have gone on vacation and not taken us along.
Then in a moment we look and there are those sparse words asking to be revealed, asking to have a picture taken that might showcase them, asking to become part of others consciousness.

To the SELF
there is no surrender
it is the GLORY
of expression
which flows and blends
into NOW
uniting us ALL

We are those Stars in so many expressions,
that magic, which has always been
torn away from the Source by our own imagining
and which is now building bridges within Us,
unifying and elaborating in Light Codes,
Our Truth and Alignment

Arising in Love we share a common thread
separated by time, space and our own uniqueness
A Trinity of the Heart becomes an expression
of the Harmonic Resonance we all can attain
when the Light in Our Hearts
unites with each other