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Return of the Sun - Odd Nerdrum

Return of the Sun – Odd Nerdrum

A Dear Friend sent this poem by Rudolph Steiner to me without any other words of explanation.
A gift of the Heart that inspired me as if it were a Call and Response to which I slipped gently into the ‘Inner Quiet’ from where I replied.

Inner Quiet

I bear within myself,
Forces to make me strong.
Now will I be imbued with their glowing warmth.
Now will I fill myself
With my own will’s resolve.
And I will feel the quiet
Pouring through all my being
When by my steadfast striving
I become strong
To find within myself the source of strength
The strength of inner quiet.

– Rudolph Steiner




My Heart Is Lit

Stepping into the Sacred Silence

The pathway of My Heart is lit

By the Light of the Golden Angels

Chanting in Divine Harmonic Resonance

In order to find and heal

All Ancient Wounds still present

From Our Original Separation

And listening beyond hearing

We are One in Glory once again.

– Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.10.20