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Presence of Light w-logoIt never ceases to amaze me at what comes up to talk about on my Presence of Light 30 minute talks @ Humanity Healing on Facebook

Oftentimes it is what I experience during the week which triggers the flow and I receive guidance on the morning of the show just before I go on the air. Allowing Spirit to guide us is a very different way of living for sure and can be unsettling to the ego mind which operates by standard procedures based on recorded experiences.

Well, this Friday was no exception and I awoke with thoughts of David and Goliath on my mind and feeling my own inner frustrations as a male in this world of collapsing empires.

David and Goliath really was my first thought on arising as I recalled all the energies of  this last week and what they have brought up in me. In many ways it is the perfect story of our facing within ourselves,what appears to be something larger than we can deal with.

Interesting how it is a story which captures the essence of belief in a Supreme Creator (God) and the faith of a small but willful soul which overcame an Overbearing Giant in spite of deep fear and feelings of inadequacy. Holding onto only what he felt in his heart as being guided and supported to do what was in the best interest for All.


Well, this certainly is our situation around the world in many different forms. Yet here in the USA the Giant has seemingly perverted the Messengers and Teachers of God and their flocks to stand alongside in silence and assist it in taking total control of all life.

David must be strong enough within himself to stand and face this with just a limited set of tools to work with yet knowing that from somewhere within himself  he will receive what is exactly needed when called for.


The failure of Empires regardless of their ideologies and their resemblance to Ogres are a common occurrence as we evolve as a co-creative consciousness.
Partly because of the inability for a very few to overpower others and maintain a larger control of the Energy for extended periods of time without creating a field of distrust among its own supporters.

I noted 3 examples of collapse as typically termed The Dinosaur, the Runaway Train, and the House of Cards.  These can also be terms to use for ourselves as I reflect now on our own personal feelings.

My talks always get me to see myself in a different Light as well.

Personally it has been my masculinity that has felt threatened again and many childhood issues have resurfaced of being bullied, and having to joining a gang at 8 years old for protection. Having been sexually abused and raped by both my so-called protectors and as well by strangers only confirmed my feelings of victim-hood.

My life as a male appeared as if I had a sign on my back that said I was a target to be attacked which ended up depleting my virility as a male. And so I was always standing with my back to the wall and distrusting  most who entered my field of awareness.


The system we call democracy became a farce to me, an illusion, an ideal that was not ever truly seen or felt and I never felt safe or that my voice was ever heard. But it was a vision that I held on to dearly as a great hope.
Sounding quite familiar to what is happening to many today on a much broader scale.
So we scream louder and argue more while feeling like dinosaurs, watching a runaway train slam into the house of cards.

We have relabeled civilization many times but in the end it was always just a patriarchy in disguise, whose intent was self-serving for a very few, not the whole.

Yes Goliath lives in the way we act towards each other and build our societies.

So How do we rise above all the noise to a level above the societal collapse above and out of range of the chaos. All of which is caused by economical, environmental, social and cultural, and disruption.
How do we get off of this hamster wheel of death and destruction which only generates an energy of pain and suffering to be harvested by Goliath as sustenance

First of all we have to find a way where we can slow down our mental and physical self … yes slow it all down.

We need to stop our mass consumption of all we are being fed by Goliath
… it is not sustainable and we all know it.

We now know it is not healthy and it is being designed with the intention of controlling collective consciousness as well as all life forms.

We are to align and co-create new pathways of sustainable energy and products which all can benefit from without exclusion.

In cases where technology and innovation could be assisting us and the environment it is being hijacked for the few in power to continue controlling the masses.

We have to raise our energetic vibrations through drinking clean water, eating natural unadulterated foods, healthy physical practices, grounding and meditation not medication.

We need to return to our Heart-space which we have been sucked out of…
through the enticement of advertising/programming and by the many material products which have destroyed the ecological environment at rates which are unprecedented in Earth’s history.

Returning to our balancing of qualities as a human in balance with its environment rather than just heartless and destructive objects of lust and greed.


Let us peel the labels off of everything and look at the raw energy of potential which is being distorted, keeping us from being the sovereign beings we truly are …
The David’s who believe beyond a doubt that the menacing Giant is really powerless over True Creation.

Each of us are David and collectively we are much larger than the Giant which has fooled us into agreeing to our own imprisonment, to the point where millions now believe and only feel safe with weapons of destruction.

How truly freeing to witness that the damage to my Masculine virility was caused in part by the failure of all my male ancestors who chose to trade true honor and strength for a handful of objects and an illusion that they ruled the world.

Each setting the stage for what we are experiencing now as thousands of our children are being murdered around the world and left defenseless.

Let us find strength in each other during these times and truly attempt to understand that there is no weapon of destruction that can save us… it is but an illusion which we created that keeps us from truly living.

Let us embrace an inner silence where our voice and actions can be restored in order to face Goliath and dissolve once and for all the rule by fear paradigm we exist in.

Beyond In Silence


 Thank you Creator for your Grace.

Thank you for hearing us in this state of bewilderment.

Today We come to pray for the complete restoration of our collective situation so that we may move forward in our evolution

You know what we are all going through and we ask for plans to bring about a balance and a flow to inspire us into a co-creative and positive action for all life forms

Restore us to JOY and fill us with the Spirit of Unity

Lead from within our hearts to help us renew all commitments to rebalancing all that has become unstable

Together We ask for renewal and strength in the qualities of leadership that will encourage and inspire

Not only for ourselves but our children and our children’s children

Yes we ask for restoration of health for all who are now suffering in any form.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).
Charlie Riverman Bergeron

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