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Collective Healing of Fear – Show Notes

Every morning we wake up and open our eyes to a new day; there is an opportunity to see life from a new place within ourselves. Yet, many of us are struggling or do not want to face the new day with all its abilities to trigger our negative emotional broadcast system.

What we have as personal challenges are many times ancient and profound. They become stronger when we feel isolated and alone, which is common to all of us.

“1970, there were roughly half as many people in the world as there are now.”- http://www.worldometers.info

So why do we question the daily issues contributing to our negative outlook or fear energies?

We have always had an opportunity to reconnect with each other without fear by asking what at this moment makes me grateful. It is changing our focal point from what is harsh and morbid to what is bright and calm.

If we cannot see that positive energy to stir our gratitude, we need to look inside ourselves and ask what is within us that is affected by the negative energy.

It is usually past experiences where we had little or no ability to change a situation, making us feel helpless. That helplessness triggers our body to weaken and become more susceptible to not wanting to face it daily.

Over time we lose our sense of fulfillment and ability to honor ourselves in a positive emotional way.

Each of us is releasing trauma right now, and it is not always easy or pleasant to deal with and maintain stability.

However, it is necessary as a collective of humans to process and help prevent our future generations from repeating this mass control mechanism.

Fear is the #1 cause of all negative human issues. It began many thousands of years ago to control large groups of people as a control mechanism. It allowed a small percentage of them to lead and live extravagant lifestyles.

I call this the old paradigm, which is now collapsing as we each choose to face each day’s gratitude rather than negative thoughts.

Let us begin today with a thank you and a determination to establish a foundation of gratitude deep within us. Love always creates gratitude and appreciation when shared without fear of rejection.

It changes the energetic structure of our physical and mental beingness and promotes unity and co-creation.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.19.22