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Tree SpiritMabon Invocation

Leaves shudder and blow from the branches
as they turn into the colors of fire

Reminding us of the cooler and darker season
in which we will reflect on our recently past days of Summer

Green and Bright they brought forth abundance
as we toiled and gathered in the warm breezes
holding sacred ceremonies for health and renewal

Now we join our hearts on the day of equal Light
to reflect on balancing both Day and Night,
as well as our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.

Let us give our gratitude to all who assist us
from realms and dimensions both within and around us
in our planetary work of realigning all that is not in harmony
knowing that our family is much greater than what appears

Yes it is a time of both reflection and gratitude for all
As we pass the Light to our family in the South with Love

May each of us honor within our hearts the sacredness
of all the cycles of Life and make an offering of water, cider or wine
to those special trees and stones we respect as Guardians

As they too, surrender to the seasons and cycles of balance

Charlie Riverman Bergeron
Mabon 9.22.18