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Crocus of Enlightenment

Having celebrated Thanksgiving and reflecting on gratefulness we look out again at a world that is torn apart and in pain. So much separation and judgment being brought to boil and no sight of reprieve from it’s negative effect on all our lives.

During a homily this morning a retired minister who has a way with words, that is much more poetic than preaching, pierced my heart with this phrase about his vision.
“the crocuses of the Spring of Enlightenment” – Jim Gambril

Since I do not practice the art of negativity, even while in the midst of chaos, I could not let these words slip away.

Let us all align with this beautiful message to carry us through the dark winter of humanity. We are a species of Being that is so resilient that no matter how severe life appears, we are always on the verge of a Spring of Enlightenment.

My heart to yours
_/ Namaste \_