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Action and Attraction.pngAction and Attraction 8.16.19

My first question to my Higher Self as I began my show notes this morning was…
How do We as an evolving race of beings here on planet Earth… not manipulate and deconstruct all that is fruitful and beneficial in our past as We spiral ever more rapidly forward?

As I sat down to process the early morning awakening chatter of my Angelic and Galactic guides and messengers, I was presented with… We see all things through our human perception.

Our True Self is naturally operational in…
Divine Innocence
Infinite Possibilities
Life Being About Choices

Our Light Family comforts us, warns us when we are headed in the wrong direction or on dangerous paths. They also redirect, realign and encourage us to flow in the perfect direction for Our Highest Self to Shine Brilliantly and attract others do the same.

Okay I know that is easier for me to say than most but it is the Truth within each of you that is accessible during the Full Moon, when Her Bright Light even as a reflection, has the power to dispel the darkness of the evening skies.

The first 2 cards I pulled this morning were from from the Sacred Space Mediation Cards by Elinor Von Linden…

The Law Of Attraction and Action

Through the law of attraction, all I ever choose comes to me.
I know Source has given me intuition and Divine guidance.
I act for my good and the good of others.

I’m reminded that intentions and efforts as well as positive work, bring new opportunities for growth.
I hear the words often to “Trust your intuition and guidance”

I share with others to see themselves as a Higher Light…
“Your True Self as a Multi-Dimensional Being knows that fear has no power over it.”

A Truly Sovereign Being who will act from their Hearts when presented by all obstacles and challenges as they are only present in our human lives, to remind us of the power of our choices.

Amazing as it may sound, you are all of this, the Energy of the Universe supports you and is ready to provide you with whatever you need to break through the bondage of this dimensional density in which we many times feel trapped.

“It is through Action and Attraction that We overcome all of our limitations.”
I put those words in that order even though the cards were drawn in the opposite.

 It is the perfect example of how We have been taught to see things backward, for without Action there can be no Attraction.
“The Law of Attraction is always there yet We must Activate it through the Actions of Our Hearts.”

The next deck I chose to pull a card from was the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Call Of The Dancing Crane

“Dancing Crane moves through waters and muddy marsh with elegance and grace. The mating call and dance of the Crane is full of beautiful movement and flow. There are times when the astral waters of our emotional life become stagnant and will benefit from the healing movement, grace and beauty of the Dancing Crane. The Call of the Dancing Crane is a reminder that Sound can be healing too. This is particularly so when your thoughts, beliefs and emotional, patterns do not support you in living the spiritual destiny you were borne to live.”

So once again we are being called into Action, “Just like sifting the mud out of the Water, so that we can move more freely and gracefully like the Dancing Crane, if we accept healing energy to help us filter through our psychological programs so that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions can create new habits and patterns more aligned with what we would like to experience in our lives.”

What is amazing is that this process of “Life Being About Choices” creates “Infinite Possibilities” for us to return to Our “Divine Innocence “

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.16.19

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