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The Quickening


Out of the unknown
from beyond the visible
our hearts begin to race

Energy moves through the body
in vivid pulsing waves
changing our mindset

Welling up in our hearts
the power of love
removes all barriers

Let me not understand
but savor these moments
flooding through the brain

Pooling now in my heart
quickening my spirit
in higher resonance

Let me now flow more rapidly
without any attachments
a river of Light
Blessing all with Love

cRb 12.4.15

The word quickening has been coming to me for two days in a row.

WE are all experiencing a quickening of unparalleled proportions as we co-create a new reality for humanity.
When I looked for a photo that I hadn’t played with yet this one caught my attention as an expression of that energy expanding and merging into our human forms and balancing our auric fields.