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Unbinding is an odd word which we seldom use in our everyday vernacular. Yet I found it in a comment I made years ago, as I begin to gather several years of bits and pieces of them…

The practice of unbinding
is the reversal of flow
in which we learn that ecstasy
is achieved in the giving
rather than the receiving
a reversal
of what the world
would have us believe.
cRb 1.17.12

I sense that we are truly unbinding ourselves from so many beliefs that we feel much like the water in the picture above as it spills over the edge and into the sluice, which carries it to the river.
The ecstasy is in choice, the giving of choices both for ourselves and others.
The freedom to see life as a journey filled with opportunities to be realized.
No longer contained within the pond, we are now a stream of energy which interacts with everything it meets, without judgment or fear.

Take a moment to breathe
and know that you are alive
and it is wonderful.
Everything is possible.
Every moment is an opportunity.

cRb 1.17.10