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Mothers and Grandmothers
Great Grandmothers and Daughters
I offer you my Peace, Light and Love
to embrace you and encourage you
to radiate your joy, your passion, your strength
into this world which is so desperately yearning
to be held once again in your loving embrace

May those who are now embracing
both their masculine and feminine self
allow that energy to flow
into the collective consciousness
as we all move into a greater understanding
of our true balanced nature as humans

May the men who are awakening to the Divine Feminine
let go of the old thoughts and patterns of patriarchal society
welcoming the feminine energy to assist them in healing
old wounds, beliefs and practices of thousands of years
that keep us in cycles of separation and discord

May each of us in our own brief little journey here
begin to embody all of our truly divine aspects of self
sharing them freely with each other with loving kindness
and celebrate the most precious energy of women as Divine
and return us all to Unity with Grace and Harmony

cRb 3.8.16