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How many times must we continue to release what no longer serves us?
Until we become the Hollow Bone.

Isn’t the life we live a challenging complexity…

A body which gives and receives energy
A mind which contemplates itself
With the ability to perceive and create

Yet in the middle of it all we feel incomplete.

Not always, yet sometimes we feel
Or sense our lives are not fulfilled
Empty or broken and beyond repair

This is our genetic coding as humans
Playing itself out lifetime after lifetime
Until We decide to create and be New Again

Releasing is the challenge we always face

Everyday is another opportunity to release
All that no longer serves the True Creation
That we represent here on Planetary Earth

The Full Moon offers us the Light
In which We recognize ourselves
As being a reflection of a more powerful Light

Let us all sit quietly and open our hearts
Facing our reflected light from which comes despair
Releasing all which is not aligned with our Source Light

Let us be the Light of the Moon
Which is still the Light of the Sun
And release all shadows of our own creation

Becoming once again the Hollow Bone
The vast Universe through which it shines
Creating Life and Abundance in Balance

Releasing, Restoring, Renewing, Regenerating
The True Presence of Our Divine Self

cRb 7.21.16