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Welcome to August and Many Blessings to each of you…


Yesterday, Allayah and I once again joined hearts and minds to co-create on her Circle of Hearts Radio program on OMTimes Radio.

Elders Speak on the word Violence 7.31.16

WE always pick a topic or word which aligns with what the world is experiencing.
This month it was Violence.

In our usual fashion we just allow the word to present itself in ways that allow us to see it in a different Light.

Lately, I have been allowing Meditations to flow through me and many times they come in a rough vision a few minutes before we go on the air.
This comes as a surprise to both of us as we do not talk about the show or plan it out as we like our spontaneity to remain intact.

This makes it all the more an authentic expression of our True Self and adds a bit of fun.

The meditation in this show is in the 3rd segment and I will guide you to your infant self.
It is a cleaning meditation and powerful.

When I listened to it myself the following morning I was brought to tears and gratitude as the messenger needs to hear the message as well for we are all connected.

Enjoy and know how special you are to be here now.