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Mia Dancing 2

This morning I arrived on facebook and this photograph was a memory of a friend I only know through social media. A picture of her dancing in a public event and captivating some, while others look perhaps at another dancer.

She is also a poetess and  over the years we have inspired each other and co-created on many occasions in a resonance that is truly a part of our deeper Souls connection.

Many times those of us who are highly empathic and creative find ourselves looking back at what we have done. We wonder where parts of ourselves have either disappeared or how some things so meaningful and full of life, have faded away like a photograph over time.

She reminded me of my own journey and sense of self, which at times looks much like my bluejeans. Yes, well worn and ready for recycling.

Although I do not express myself as a dancer, what I did recognize was the passion that was calling to others to reflect and ask themselves… Who am I?

And so the words above on the picture was what came through as a message for Mia,
but more so a message to me, from that same source within us all…

The True Divine Self, who may be hidden from view and among the crowd watching and inspiring these words…

Who is missing
that is not lost

What can return
which has not left

Where can it hide
which is still seen

Let us take off
our masks

Let us celebrate
the unknown

Let us free ourselves
from our thinking

The illusions serve
only to be overcome

The Dance of Life
is never ending

cRb 8.2.16

May we each dance again in Joy and Celebration,
knowing that all of our journeys
are but one dance step away from each other.

That both the audience and the dancers
are not separated but are called to participate
in The Dance

My Peace to you All… Riverman