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Day One of the Inspirational Challenge…
Having been challenged on facebook to post something inspirational for 7 consecutive days, I decided to accept.

I decided to post my own which have over the years been a part of my Museography; taking one of my photographs and marrying it with my words.
Most of these have been posted here over the years but as we move in such fast waters it is a challenge to capture all that is coming into our field of resonance.

Light of New Dawn
Day 2 of the Inspirational Challenge…
I decided on day two that I would not only post my quotes which have become Museography but I would write something new as I contemplate those messages.

Let us be the morning light
which rises above the stillness
and ignites compassion
within each others hearts
~ riverman


Day 3 of the Inspirational Challenge…

Compassion is that divine energy which motivates the heart into actions that speak louder than words. It enables us to align and reveal our core values which the thinking mind can only list and not feel.
~ riverman