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Change – New Energy

Softly shifting into a peaceful flow
We journey into our multi-dimensional Self
which has no limits or boundaries

Oftentimes the expansiveness
Is overwhelming yet balanced

It is a re-connection to our primordial
and most expansive beingness
from this center point of Diving Grace

All possibilities for change
and all ways of manifestation
are waiting to be called forth
into our 3rd dimensional physical form

Each of us are the manifestations
individually and collectively

For We are both of these
within every time frame
and frequency of density

Our liquidity is the Golden Key
that opens All Hearts
to receive All New Energy

Now gathering to propel Humanity
into the Highest Frequency of Change

Our Allowance of Change
is only restricted by the lack of
Our Zero Point – Self-Awareness

Inspired by Malini Rajendran

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.18.21