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Sometimes on the road of Life, change is never understood until we look back.

Dollars have no real value. Debt is an agreed upon construct. They are both a representation of 7.4 billion people in slavery to an oligarchy.

To Shelley in NZ
May each step deeply stir the waters within you
May our most ancient ancestors greet and embrace you
The journeys are many and cycles are long
Remember when we chose to separate…
It was only for a moment
“Tihei mauri ora!”

From deep within your ever-expanding consciousness, You are the source of change.

Cosmic Dissonance – Call it what you will… many are feeling a bit banged up right now. Take time to be gentle and loving with yourself… pull back from dense energies which disrupt flow in any form

There is more emotional baggage than we could ever imagine, hidden deep within our energy fields. The more we release it seems the more it arises. Be diligent, steadfast and know that you did not accumulate it all in one day nor will it be released in that manner.

Embracing both masculine and feminine energies instead of selecting one over the other allows us to feel into them and receive the amazing understanding of how they are truly intertwined and cannot be separated except by delusion.
We learn that they do not have to be equally balanced but equally accepted as a vital part of ourselves and to deny one is to deny the other.
Thus the imbalance occurs as a natural reaction to the denial of the truth of our Oneness

I seems that we have forgotten that the Masculine and Feminine aspects of our Divine Self need to be Lovers as well.

Unconditional Love is equally balanced and interchangeable… no blame, no shame, no guilt. It is cannot be altered or destroyed… it is eternal.

The more I listen to that which is outside of me, the more outside of me I become.

When we begin to understand that we are a race of storytellers that chose to change the story of who we are and how we came to be here, then that Consciousness which recognizes it will be freed from the enslavement of the story.

Beautiful Turquoise how gracious you are
deeply moving through us in gentleness
enriching our souls with loving confirmation
that we are always connected in strength
lifting us in a vibrational resonance of Peace

Riverman 3.20.17