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It is the Vernal Equinox today which brings up our connection to the planet and the balance of Her seasonal energies.

As I opened this page this morning I was hit with the word “Perhaps” and it struck me as very odd. Then while looking for a photograph to inspire a thought… this picture called out to be posted.

The next word that I was sent off to inquire about was “ambiguity” and I pondered if there was a relationship between these three which was being embraced in this seasonal reflection of the day.

I now wonder where this will take me as I type and allow the words to flow from my fingertips.

Both words are aligned on a vibration of uncertainty. I see each as a looking forward and questioning of oneself of what possibilities or adventures may be confronted to make a choice from. So too, the Equinox is also denoting a forward motion of life cycles which we have no exact foreknowledge of, as to their mode of manifestation.


This brings us to the marvelous rock which was placed to protect the shoreline from erosion at Nubble Light across from the Lighthouse. The markings of erosion and its distinguished patterning was certainly not planned as to create a work of art, yet there it is.

The Gulf Stream Waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the Sun and Rain have worked to create over time a revealing of beauty that was not previously expressed and hidden.

My mind questions if the stone ever had a choice in this exposure of inner self. How much did the seasonal changes or weathering come from a desire within, in some deeper communication, as to attract the external forces which it was to endure.

The  Equinoxes therefore are “perhaps” one of those ancient influences which remind us all of our connection to the “ambiguity” of ourselves. Although not like the stone, we do have conscious choices to make.

It is these choices which we face of revealing our vulnerabilities, that bring about our wanting to remain hard and strong, defying all who dare challenge how we are perceived by others.

Creating over many seasons “doubtfulness” and “vagueness” about who we are and why we should “as the case may be” allow ourselves to be worn away, by both the inner and outer waters over cycles of time.

“Perhaps” our “ambiguity” needs to be released during the Equinoxes and allowed to be washed away in order to reveal the truth and beauty that exists without “uncertainty”

Each of us are a Work of Art in progress.

Many Blessings of Peace, Light and Love