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2017-04-20 16.54.04

The words have been slightly constricted in flow over this past week. The energies of the New Moon were for me very challenging and not much writing took place.
The thoughts were all there but committing them to readable text was not happening.
There was a sense of being withdrawn as in waiting to know what to do with all that was unfolding both around me and within me.

As you can see the Daffodils are not reluctant to show off  and the trees are finally beginning to sprout the early signs of Spring, although even they have not been very  encouraged by the rainy weather to come forth with their expression either.

So what was felt is a building of energies from both the Earth and the Heavens. The rains have truly been a blessing yet almost too much and have been unbalanced as much as in time of drought.

Long Sands Beach.jpg
The ocean has been unruly if not just truly vocal with each passing storm and the rivers and creeks filled to capacity. Yet the Seagulls appear to be unfazed by the rain, fog or expression of the Mighty Atlantic ocean.

A wee bit inland on the one or two days of sunshine I was able to Bless the waters of Cider Hill Creek…2017-04-27 15.03.56
which certainly was a bright spot and blissful occasion to se her filled and flowing so perfectly as if rejoicing for all the waters she was so glad to deliver to the York River.

So with my short narrative of the past 12 days I now offer what had been put into form from the scatterings of my creative mind.  Enjoy them as my offering to you from a place of deep resonance which never cease but choose at times to not be seen or heard.

Words among the Divine are only placeholders… where each heartbeat rests and awaits the next breath.

Allow Your Sovereignty to release you from all that keeps you bound to that which is not in proper alignment. It is not about ruling that which inside or outside of us but being our fully embodied True Powerful Self.

There are no coincidences
only moments
which are connected
to possibilities not yet imagined
all are miracles divinely guided by Love
I give – I receive
I receive – I give

We repeat patterns of Fear in a variety of ways until we receive the message that we have nothing to fear except our own misconceptions of ourselves.
From that point on we begin the gradual lift off from running around the same circle and start to from the upward spiral that leads us back into alignment within ourselves.

Forward Flow releases the past because it has no place to linger.

Our Glorious Transmutation so beautifully depicted and growing from within the Galactic Womb.
Let us gather within the One Heart and embrace ourselves and each other in the True Joy of which dreams and stories can only reflect.
Yes Indeed, let us rejoice and dance in the exponential “frequency oscillations”

trout lilies.JPG
Finally today I arrive with this message…

Be the Love that You Are and know that your Heart can no longer be hidden. The time to step into yourself fully and embrace your whole Divine Self is no longer just a desire or a dream.