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2011_05_02_137_.JPGIt has been a journey of Love for me as I first became aware of the many facets of Earth and Her abundance as a Mother at an early age.

That message was instilled in me as I was brought to the Boston Public Gardens in Boston as a young child.

My mother was a gifted communicator with nature although she had to hide it from others out of fear of ridicule. I was not even taught as she feared I too would suffer her pains growing up as a child in a world which was more interested in work and money.

Yet we learn without being taught as we observe the wonders which are all around us and mimic those who show love for all life.

So perhaps Earth Day is a bit more special for me as I reflect and think of it as Mother’s Day.

May your children see you in the gardens
May everyone feel your concern and nurturing nature
May all who encounter you be embraced by your open hearts
As we are all the Children of Earth

May the beauty and encouragement you receive change your lives forever