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2017-07-11 15.33.28

Well, we are half way through the month of July and here on the Maine Coast it is a wonderful time to embrace nature and Her abundance.  These two beauties were alongside a road calling out to be photographed.

It has certainly been a very energetic month which has brought me deeper into myself in aspects I was not suspecting. Perhaps all of us have touched some areas which we thought we would never see again.

This process of emerging out of the density to be seen is truly a gift of our evolution.
Each of us are (Re) evaluating our self and the values we have thought were important but no longer can be carried within us into the future Self.

So my thoughts may be a bit random here but at least it starts the Month with Emergence.

Week One...
Emergence is a wonderful reminder of how we are always a part of a greater whole which is in a process of “self-transformation”. It happens through a timeline and is marked by inner revelations and just a moment in the process of evolution.

Careful Consideration of all opportunities appearing or being presented is what is necessary at this time.

I’m reminded of the saying, “All that glitters is not gold” and that what we are offered sometimes is not always what is best for our hearts and souls.

So be wise and know that your true path is what is most important right now and let the distractions be the yellow caution signs that tell us to carefully proceed in full awareness.

Week Two…
Today this the question arose…”Are you feeling Joy or Apprehension in what you are doing?”

The next message was “If it feels like work …it is work!”

Let us all begin to balance better these two energies as we move forward into our New Perspectives of Self.

How our misunderstandings have brought us to this moment is becoming clearer every day. The clouds are dissipating as the waters of the clouds change form once again

Letting go completely we can begin to understand that the energies were never meant to be held captive.

It is funny how we have removed so many of the non-resonant frequencies not only within ourselves but in the greater collective field. Each one of us transmuting back to their original blueprints in so many highly creative ways. Yes we are the placeholders as well as the transmitters and when all is aligned we will joyously rise in love indeed much as we are now by sharing deeply from the heart our divine passions.

We each have a unique place to fill and it takes many different adjustments to have the dance become one with the music.

Wholeness of the Heart is what we are seeking and moving into. The mind has been corrupted and the only way to repair it is through the heart.

You know my passion for the Water and I see it in all its aspects as the delivery system of all life in its purest form.
It is that purity which dissolved the wicked one and we are now dissolving the wickedness that has poisoned the Water.
We are the Purity of Heart and remembering it more every day.