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Solar Angels

Angels have many purposes and we as humans like to think of them as winged beings with halos that resemble us in human form.

How egocentric we are to think that in all dimensions of our Beingness the human form is a standard blueprint.

It does make it easier for us to feel comfortable and relate to something we may not recognize otherwise or become fearful of, but it is far from the Truth.

Let us just rest in the energy that they bring up in us. Attuning ourselves through stillness to feeling their all-encompassing Joy when we acknowledge them.

Their calling cards are the synchronicity of moments which may not be profound or life changing. Yet you become aware that something more than ordinary just occurred.

Even just an amazing cloud formation that you are compelled to take a picture of and play with as an artist.

Yes, they want us to be the Creators we truly are and fill each other with beauty and kindness, compassion and forgiveness and most of all to Shine Our Light that all may see.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.21.17