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Let ‘s Go and start to rely on our Own Truth to teach us.

We know who hurt us, We know who lied to us, We know what we stuffed deep down inside to be loved by someone who couldn’t.
We know when we were beaten, when we were molested, when we were victimized emotionally.

Letting Go does not mean you will not feel pain as that is what we are releasing… pain that has hardened into walls that we cannot see over or break through.
Deep seated fear and pain which seeps out from those walls that keep us a prisoner within our own bodies and makes us physically ill.

Let’s Be Careful who we allow into our deepest wounds that claim to have a cure or appear to have an answer.

Love is all that is needed… Your Love… Your Love for Your Self which knows how to be kind and gentle in ways that no one but you can understand.

For You Are Love… when all the letting go is over and the Truth begins to shine through into those darkest places of your life experience.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron