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2017-10-23 Reading
What a Monday morning!
I awoke to messages of Joy and Delight from my guides as I began to tap into the collective communications of the global community.

Of course I was already feeling that as I was scheduled for a Massage today which is always a Joy and Delight.

My beloved massage therapist (I call her my Body Dowser) is a gift and if you live near Kittery, Maine I will give her a plug as this is where I drew the card spread above and will explain below.
North Star Therapeutic Massage

She has this “Doreen Virtue/Healing WIth Angels Deck” on her table and it is my practice to open our session with a reading and what the Angels are expressing to us.

I always find it fun when I draw them while talking about something entirely different as so many times we interfere with the guides and angels who want to speak with us.

This was the magic of today as they flowed from left to right…
Answered Prayer

The last card I always pull just before I leave, as it usually is a message to take away after our deeply resonant session.

I will give my interpretations.. not those of Doreen, however both are amazingly wonderful.

“Answered Prayer” came through as a feeling that our long and deep prayers for the return of Divine Feminine was now well underway. That there was nothing now that could deter or deflect Her passion and love for Her children.

“Miracles” was speaking of how we have fooled ourselves into believing what we see rather than trusting who WE Truly Are and that all miracles are a change of perception.
One in which we realize that the miracles were always there hidden beneath our illusions.

“Focus” most definitely was a directive. It came through with a deep energy that was masculine in nature. It spoke of focusing on Joy and Delight rather than what we were perceiving to be shadows or darkness and chaos.
As if the Divine Masculine was saying He had also been missing us as we traveled such a distance from the true identity of our masculinity and lost our ability of leadership.
He was reminding me that as a male we have lost our sense of fair play and true happiness and now both women and men are miserable and have lost their sense of Joy and Delight.

Under these guidelines the massage was given and all places of painful or distorted energy spoke up, asking to be removed from the cellular patterning of the physical selves of both of us and so I blessed and released them with honor. For they too were trapped in a dimension which did not serve them either and I watched them leave into the ethers to be free once again in their original blueprints.

How powerful WE ARE when WE work together in Harmony and Balance in the Highest aspects of Our True Divine Feminine and Masculine Self.

Upon completion as I placed the financial exchange of energy under the blue Delft dish and sipped the water… I pulled the final card.

“Enchantment” and enchanted I was with such a childlike expression of synchronicity that was both magical and miraculous.

As I write this right now, I Am reminded, of this next picture of when I was a small boy at a beach on Cape Cod.

As little Children
Thank You Dad for capturing this moment of Innocence, Joy and Delight.

The Divine Masculine and Feminine enchanted with each other in unselfishness and trust…
And So We Are Becoming Once Again.

Thank You Angels and Guides, Masters and Teachers, and to each of you as WE embark on this Divine Journey of respect and compassion for each other.

Bless You All and may you feel a part of this within you and expand it into your lives.
Much Peace, Light and Love