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New Moon Blessings

Welcome to 2016…

On the ninth of this month we will experience the first new moon of the year. I’m reminded once again of the many beginnings that come out of stillness of those times in our lives when we have to rely on our own light to guide us.

Over the past few days several old quotes of mine have surfaced, all of which reflect a sort of anticipation, and an awareness of new beginnings within myself.

…So let me share them here for your reflection…

With our hearts wide open
sitting still feels like we’re flying forward…

In Opening ourselves
we allow for the energy
of change
to take it’s place
within our cellular structure.
Never before has this opportunity
been so profound
as to have the whole of humanity
shift both it’s inner and outer beingness
at the same time.

As the world shifts and changes
it will be our intuition
that we must trust
because the lies will be many layers deep…

Quiet reflection is when
the space between you
and what you are thinking
is vaster than what you are experiencing…

So please take some time to meditate, reflect and embrace your True Inner Self; not only for this new year, but this new you that 2016 will unfold before you.

New Moon Blessings to each of you!