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Friday October 20th was the day on which 26 years ago I died and returned into the same body I was born in.
Life is a funny adventure sometimes as we seem to want a clarity of it that just is not always available.

WE are all travelers here on many levels, and the title of my talk came as I thought about how every day here on this amazingly beautiful living planet is such a gift we have chosen to experience.

Yes, there is much pain and suffering that arises and we can get too focused on that, but what about the fact that this world is so unique and offers us so many possibilities to experience ourselves and see ourselves in each other as mirrors in what we as humans call time.

Oh how truly amazing we are!

Well, the title says it all and I’m thankful that I agreed to return and live as close to the Truth of my Highest Self.

I’m far from perfection here but just like so many now, who are awakening to the fact that they have been not fully realizing the powerful presence that they truly are.
WE come to face our shadows and realize we have been somehow swept into an illusion of our own creating over lifetimes, and everyday we procrastinate from being and living in the New/Now is actually separating us further.


I have also added the mp3 version of Presence of Light Talks to my “yourlisten.com” page at yourlisten – Charlie Riverman Bergeron

All of my audio podcasts can be found here from OM times Radio, Elders Speak: Heart To Soul Talks and Blog Talk Radio with Allayah Frisch.

Many Blessings to all and Thank You for being here in these times of change.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron